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Thread: Change in Ownership - Thank you friends

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    Exclamation Change in Ownership - Thank you friends

    Dear Friends,

    Greetings to everyone & Happy Easter.

    Its been indeed a great honor to work & administer BF for over 3 years. We have had many ups and downs in the process. I would like to thank all of you staff, ex-staff our well wishers for the continued support even in our worse phases.

    It was indeed an emotional moment when I decided to pass on the ownership responsibilities to some one else.
    As, my workload made it almost impossible for me to manage BF and I was only going to take BF downhill rather than the other way around. So, I decided to call it quits before its too late and pass it on to some one who is really capable and has the WILL to take the forum forward.

    I had passed on the forum responsibilities to "outsourcethis" in the first week of February 2012. I was planning to make an official announcement about this asap but due to some technical snags in the forum and later my unavailability just postponed me conveying this message. I sincerely apologize, for such a delayed announcement on such a big change.<br><br>

    I believe BF'e new main man outsourcethis can take forward this forum to new heights. I trust in his abilities and I would like to wish him All the Best with the forums.

    What Does this mean to you?

    Really nothing changes much other than, you have to contact "outsourcethis" in case you need assistance. He will be your main go-to-guy.

    What Does this mean to me (Rebellion) ?

    Well, I will be missing you guys but this doesn't mean I am going to abandon all of you. I will be still coming around to haunt you guys Just joking, I will be coming online when ever I have a little time on my hands to greet you guys around and probably help outsourcethis with any tips if possible. Since, I will be visiting forum if you need to get in touch with me, you can just pm me. I will try to reply to them when I log on to BF.

    Any major changes around ?

    There has been some staff shuffling and there could be more as well. The other notable change is the location of the BF. Earlier, we used to access BF by going to : while now, its much more easier to access :
    BF is more stable and on a strong dedicated server platform which should avoid any past issues we had with the loads.

    What kind of person our new Administrator outsourcethis is ?

    From what I have interacted in chatting and via private emails I can vouch he is a great guy to deal with & you will def. love his way of handling things around. Very humorous guy, easy to be made friends with & also highly knowledgeable guy when it comes to handling server issues as well.

    * In case I have missed any issue kindly let me know so that I can correct myself up.

    Sorry for making such a long boring speech guys, Thanks for the read.

    I sincerely hope, you show the same continued support to our New Management Team as well like the earlier days.

    Once again wishing the new Management Team a good success.

    I wish you all a Great Success in your life.

    warm regards,
    (ex-Owner of BF)

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    Thanks for all your effort Reb dear All the best to you too & welcome on board OST dear

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